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Finding Joy is Like Mining for Gold

Finding Joy is like Mining for Gold Looking for a bit more joy? I believe in small steps. Each day, we have a choice, a moment where our thoughts can lead us downward. The negative momentum can be like quicksand. The best way out ...Read More

You Are What You Speak

Do you ever catch yourself saying something you wish you hadn’t said and then say to yourself, ”why did I just say that?” All kinds of things exit from my mouth that I often regret.  As I’ve come to be more aware of what ...Read More

Hit the Pause Button

Some days I’m just in non-stop, forward motion from the moment I get up to the time I get to finally collapse in my bed. I know you know how that feels. Life is just one big fast forward for so many of us. ...Read More

Happy New Now

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. They’ve been my curse and my nemesis for a long time. They only serve to set me up for failure. It’s as though this great tide of enthusiasm washes up onto my shore at the beginning of ...Read More

Welcome To My New Blog!

This is it! Finally, I am “outing myself”! I have decided to let my readers know a lot more about me and my journey through the avenue of my new blog. Many of you have been loyal followers of mine on FB, twitter, Instagram, ...Read More

How to eat well when traveling

How to Eat Well When Traveling Traveling can make eating right a challenge, but with a few tips, you can enjoy your trip, relax, have fun and still take care of yourself by eating well! Arm yourself with healthy snacks that are easy to ...Read More

Find your way to meditate everyday

Hey, the odds that any of you out there have not heard about the benefits of meditation are really slim.  The wonders of meditating have been drummed into our heads over and over again. Many of us meditate daily, while a good number of ...Read More

Quiet, “Crazy Head”

If you are anything at all like me and others who have had issues with food, then you may know what I am talking about when I say, “crazy head”. That is the name I sometimes use when I am referring to that voice ...Read More