Welcome To My New Blog!

This is it! Finally, I am “outing myself”! I have decided to let my readers know a lot more about me and my journey through the avenue of my new blog. Many of you have been loyal followers of mine on FB, twitter, Instagram, etc. and have been enjoying my monthly newsletters. I will be continuing with those newsletters which have lots of great themes, content, recipes, info and related articles that focus on health and well-being through body, mind and spirit. I hope to keep those always fresh, current and relatable to my wider audience.

My blog will be a bit different. I have a long history with what is termed “disordered eating” and my relationship with food has taken many turns. In some ways I can honestly say that I have been through hell and back when it comes to food and eating issues. I plan on candidly sharing this part of my life that has gratefully and miraculously evolved into something so much better. That is why I say I am “outing myself.” It takes some courage to talk about this stuff. No one wants to share their demons when it comes to food. No one wants to admit to eating behind closed doors, in cars, alone and in secret.

I want to share my stories with you because one, two or perhaps many of you will relate. If you do, I hope you find comfort and strength in knowing that you can change. We live in a world that has encouraged our disruptive and unhealthful eating styles. Mostly, our bad habits are just not our fault. Unfortunately, we can’t see that. We always point the finger of blame right to ourselves. That angst and blame leads us back to the food….a vicious cycle that is perpetuated by guilt, stress, the media, and our busy lifestyles.

So, I invite you to join me on my road to a better place. I have learned to ‘fall in love with food that loves me back’ and I hope to encourage you to do the same.

Enjoy my blogs and share your own stories with me. I welcome your comments

Big hugs,