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Delicious and Guilt Free Holiday Eating

Holidays are always a challenge when it comes to cooking and eating. Rather than feeling over stuffed, unhealthy and remorseful by New Year’s Day, you can “eat your way through the holidays” without guilt. This article is packed with tips and strategies to help ...Read More

You Have a Wellspring Within You!

Imagine you bought some land and were living on it for quite a while. You noticed that the more you watered and planted, wonderful things grew, but your time and energy was being depleted. There was always more to do and as you turned ...Read More

Mindful Living, Mindful Eating

What is mindfulness? What does it mean to be mindful? We’ve been hearing these terms being thrown around a lot lately, yet the concept of Mindfulness and Mindful Eating are actually not new at all. In a world where eating has become so troubled ...Read More

10 steps to reduce sugar cravings

10 steps for dealing with sugar addiction. Reduce or eliminate caffeine. The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar swings, causing sugar cravings to be more frequent. Drink water. Sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. Before you go for ...Read More

Time to unplug and tune in with meditation

Time to unplug and tune in. Give yourself the Gift of Meditation. It is healing, liberating, energizing, and a powerful way to transform your daily life. Why Meditate? I started discovering the art of meditation in my younger, ‘hippy’ days and I must admit ...Read More