You Have a Wellspring Within You!

Imagine you bought some land and were living on it for quite a while. You noticed that the more you watered and planted, wonderful things grew, but your time and energy was being depleted. There was always more to do and as you turned your attention to other things, the land kept getting dryer and the greenery diminished.  You decide to look for another way…for a source of water on the land. With some help, you discover a well on your property and when you tap into that source, you have an abundance of all that you need. Your land flourishes!

I believe we can locate the same source of abundance and flow within ourselves. We all have the potential of finding the wellspring within us to bring forth the energy and focus we desire to have what we want in our lives. The word wellspring means “an original and bountiful source of something, a source of continual supply.”  Wouldn’t you like to tap into that source and find what you are capable of?

As a life and health coach, I’ve worked with many people who’ve found the joy of tapping into that wonderful part of themselves. I see it there, in every person…something strong, unique and waiting to be discovered, yet most people don’t realize how much they have within to use as their greatest resource. We struggle with an old, outdated view of who we are and this limits us. Once we find the source of our potential…this wellspring, new energy takes form and so many things become possible.

Are you struggling to keep up with your daily tasks, feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you’ll have enough time to do all that you want to do?  I often feel that way and when I do, I catch myself. That’s an old belief. My new belief is that I have the power to choose where, when and how I turn my attention to things. I also know that I can limit myself by procrastinating and being fearful. When I remind myself that I have all the potential inside of me…in my own wellspring…I become emboldened to push out of the dry, arid conditions I’ve let myself fall into. My ability to be fresh and new breaks forth. We can all use some fresh and new. What’s holding you back? Do you lack the confidence and motivation to try new things? Do you feel stuck or unmotivated? I don’t believe we lack motivation. I believe it’s always right there, inside of us. It’s just that we’ve lost the spark we need to set that motivation ablaze. How can you fire that up? Here’s a few things you can start doing right away:

  1. Remember that you’ve been inspired to do things many times in your life. That inspiration doesn’t leave you…it just gets buried. When we reflect back on times where we’ve felt “spot on”, we can reconnect with what we’re already capable of. Make a list of some accomplishments you are proud of and think back on your mindset at the time. Ask yourself, “What gave me the ability to do those things in the past?” You’re still the same YOU, so you can do it again!
  2. Choose ONE thing and one thing only to focus on. Our attention gets watered down as we load up our plate with too many tasks. You’ll have more success by channeling your energy into one thing at a time. We’re looking for quality, not quantity. Life spreads us pretty thin, especially in this fast-paced world of multi-tasking mania. Yeah, you get a lot done, but it doesn’t always feel like you’ve done the things that are most meaningful to you. Find something meaningful and put your undivided attention to it.
  3. Give yourself a break! Sometimes our creative energy gets depleted and we just need some down time. I call these “down cycles.” The “up cycles” in which we are creating, doing, and feeling our best won’t be there without powering down. Take some time to relax, no matter what. Give yourself time to rest, read, play a game or take a walk. This will help to fill your reservoir. Let your wellspring become full again and then, when you tap into it, the flow will be quite amazing.
  4. Get clear on what you want to accomplish by making a Desire List. I’m big on honing into our desires in this way. Make sure you separate your true desires (those things you are dreaming about doing, being, experiencing) from your regular list of things you want to get done. It’s great to have a task list and to check things off as you get them done. It’s even better when you give yourself the time to create a list of your heart’s desires. That’s what’s waiting for you when you let your wellspring pour out. Those are the things that make you feel like you are flowing in your river. You’ll be surprised with the results when you first get clarity about what you truly want and then write it down.
  5. Share your ideas with positive people who will encourage and support you. If there’s anyone around who likes to “poke holes” in your dreams, don’t discuss it with them!
  6. Remember that life has always been about stepping stones for you. You’ve always gotten where you needed to be, one way or another. Keep that forefront in your mind. Everything you have done has been exactly what you were meant to do. It’s taken you right to where you are. There are more stones waiting, so keep moving!

You truly do have an abundant flow of ability, creativity, and energy right there inside of you. Let it out…let it flow and see what happens. You DO have a wellspring within you!!