12 Of the Easiest Things You Can Do to Feel Lighter Every Day

With all the immense feelings in all that is happening around us, it isn’t always easy to feel good, hopeful, thankful, or even just ok.  Yet, for most of us, it’s our true nature to feel good, to find happiness and to look for the good around us. If you are feeling any form of stress, feeling overwhelmed, or have a sense of heaviness in your life right now, I want to give you a few ideas of things you can do to feel lighter and better.

There are many times when I catch my brain on overtime and it’s often because I’m either dwelling on something in that past that I can’t change anyway, or projecting things into the future that has even happened yet. There’s no power in either of those places. My power resides in the now. This moment is my best shot at feeling good or at the very least, feeling ok. Everything I need to know and do is right now and it’s right in front of me. That’s where I can feel best.

Finding our way back to the present moment isn’t easy, but there are some simple things we can do that make us feel good right now and that’s what I’m aiming for. For starters, give whatever it is you are doing, a calm and focused attention. Feel the clarity in that. As you focus with more intention on what you are doing, a quiet energy comes forth and that energy feels good. It might be something as simple as spreading almond butter on your toast or something more involved as working on your website or creating a report for your job. It might be brushing your teeth or loading the dishwasher. Just be in it fully and see how that feels.

Many of you know me. My motto is always “if it isn’t doable, we won’t do it.” I encourage everyone to find things to do that are easy. Easy works for me. So, what things can I do that will help me feel better when I need it?

I’ve put together a list of suggestions, but get creative and find your own go to’s. Just make sure whatever you find that gives you ease and comfort is accessible to you most any time. As you do these things, do them mindfully and see how you feel. The goal is to remind us that life is good. Life is ok and we are ok.

  1. Make your bed. It just feels so nice to have a made bed, especially to head back to at night.
  2. Drink fresh water from a clean glass nice and slowly
  3. Look out the window and notice something green. Focus on the leaves shifting shape in the trees or gaze towards the hills or a grassy area. Greenery feels great as it symbolizes life and growth.
  4. Get outside and listen for birds. Really, birds are always around and their sounds can most often be heard when we tune in.
  5. While you are outside, take off your shoes and walk in the grass or find one single flower to pick and put in a small glass or vase near you.
  6. Call a friend just to say hi.
  7. Write down one thing you know you that you do well and that comes easily to you and then do that one thing when you can.
  8. Connect with someone you don’t know through a smile, a wave or a nice comment.
  9. Eat something good for you and eat it slowly and mindfully
  10. Move your body in any way. Get up and stretch, take a walk, sit up tall and breathe deeply.
  11. Give someone, anyone a hug. That someone just might be yourself, too!
  12. Find one thing or one person to appreciate and feel grateful about it or them. If you have lots, then make a gratitude list and read it often.