You Are What You Speak

Do you ever catch yourself saying something you wish you hadn’t said and then say to yourself, ”why did I just say that?” All kinds of things exit from my mouth that I often regret.  As I’ve come to be more aware of what I’m saying out loud, I realize that it’s not always that great. I’ve also realized there’s even more I’m saying to myself, the inner dialogue that goes on, which could be a lot more positive. Honestly, as I’ve been striving to let go of the negative words,  I’ve come to understand the power of “languaging” and how changing my words can be life changing for me.

We unconsciously identify with the words coming out of our mouths and the words circulating around in our minds. Those words come from our past, from ideas planted in us by others and by the media. They sprout like seeds and we water them with our feelings; we let them sit and ripen until they grow into great, big beliefs.  That’s why the concept of “languaging” has become important to me in my own life and in the way in which I work with others. Little by little, I’m weeding out the toxic rhetoric and replacing it with a healthier one and I lovingly encourage my clients to do the same.

I’ve discovered that the way I perceive things to be true, the things that I “believe”, are only a product of my thoughts. Beliefs are just thoughts that we’ve held onto and been perpetuating for a long time. A belief starts with language, stemming from the words you use to think about something. Then, as you continue to think those thoughts, your feelings become a part of the picture. Your feelings fuel the thoughts and then you come to believe them, consciously or unconsciously.

Often, we don’t even realize the negative things that are swirling around in our heads until they pop out of our mouths. We wish we hadn’t said “that” to someone. We feel bad about speaking negatively and yet, it’s often a knee jerk reaction because we’ve been thinking negative thoughts about certain things for so long.

The good news is that we have the power to change our negative feelings into positive ones. It’s a process, as everything is, that takes time and patience towards ourselves. It takes the desire to feel differently about our lives. It takes awareness.

If you really want to see some positive and uplifting changes in your life, start with how you speak. Recognize the words that are negative or that might be holding you back and then catch them. Say “cancel” to them and you’ll eventually cancel out the thoughts behind them. It can be as simple as replacing, “Darn…I’m going to be late!”   with  ”I’ve got all the time in the world!”  It can be something much bigger like changing  “Everything always goes wrong for me”  to   “Everything always works out for me.” Try it out and play around with it. You’ll feel better and when you do, life just has to follow along.

How you speak is your first indicator of how you are feeling about yourself, your life, and the present moment. If you want a life that feels better, speak better. It’s like a muscle…it just takes practice, but the results are wonderful! The language of the heart is the place where feelings and intuition meet and speak, so most importantly, speak your truth. Find the path to who you are and hold on to the desires of who you want to be more of. You truly are what you speak.

“The Language of the heart is the place where feelings and intuition meet and speak”

                                                                                                                                     ~Edie Ruge

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