Reseed your life’s garden and plant a New You!

What is it that you would like to change, move towards, nurture and grow in your life right now? We can use the concept of planting and watering seeds as a metaphor for life with some great tips below on how to subconsciously plant seeds of change.  Then literally, we can fill our plates with the abundant seeds of nature that are so delicious and healthy. Read on and happy planting!

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
Robert Louis Stevenson


Seeds of Change:

Last month we talked about change and how we can embrace it as not only inevitable but as a wonderful part of our growth and expansion in building a better life.  I have found that accepting change is only the beginning.  I am learning that I can move towards the things I want to be, do and have by “planting the seeds of change” in my mind and my awareness.  We all have the opportunity to plant a glorious garden filled with all that we desire: health, financial security, loving relationships and a fulfilling career. It takes a bit of practice and determination to pull out the weeds of negativity and sow the seeds of purpose and passion, but we all have it in us to that every single day.

Deepak Chopra does a beautiful guided meditation where he encourages you to plant the seeds of your intentions, those wants and desires that you have for yourself and for the planet, into the “fertile ground of pure potentiality”. With this guided imagery, you can envision those seeds sprouting and growing upwards and becoming manifest in your life. What would your handful of seeds be? Are they seeds of abundance and prosperity? Are they seeds of absolute health and well-being? Are they the seeds of travel and exploring new places? Envision each seed as something that you already possess and are just cultivating. It is a powerful and moving visualization and one which we can call upon to keep us focused on the concept that with creative thought and energy, we can bring about the things we would like to have.

In his article in Vision Magazine  on Neuro Linguistic Programming, called  ‘NLP: Five Principles for
Sowing Seeds for Health, Wealth, and Love’, Dr. Matthew B. James states that “NLP is an effective method to plant and nurture the seeds of positive change.” His article goes on to say that “NLP deals with the link between our subconscious and consciousness. It allows people to change and adapt, adopt or eliminate behaviors, and choose mental, emotional, and physical states of well-being that further positive outcomes. It starts with understanding that what you think and say is what you grow in your life. This applies not only to the words you say to others but, even more importantly, to the words you tell yourself in your own internal monologue. The words that come out of your mouth and the actions you take grow out of the words you sow internally, consciously and subconsciously.”

Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind.
Charles Fillmore


So, if what we say to ourselves is even more important than what others say to us, we can benefit greatly by changing our internal dialogue to reflect the positive changes we would like to have in our lives. When we imagine the possibilities as being open to us having what we truly want and desire, when we weed out the feelings of lack, fear and doubt and replant positive messages that inspire us, when our intention to live joyfully is stronger than our old belief systems which prevented us from believing we could really be deserving of all that we would like to have, the seeds of great change can be sown. We can choose an abundant life filled with a bountiful harvest if we sprinkle the seeds of our desires into our subconscious minds and water them with the belief that we can have all that we know we deserve.

So, take a moment each and every day to visualize your garden. Plant it with hope, with health and happiness, and with all the things you know can be yours. Make sure you sprinkle in a lot of gratitude and water it with blessings for a better world for everyone.  What springs forth may amaze you!

Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout.
Morihei Ueshiba